Asbestos plan for NSW

The NSW State-wide Asbestos Plan aims to reduce the number of asbestos related diseases in NSW.

The plan focuses on four key areas:

  • research – to develop a better understanding of asbestos issues and identify emerging asbestos-related hazards
  • risk communication – to raise public awareness
  • prevention – to coordinate illness-prevention strategies
  • coordination – to manage asbestos issues and emergency responses, increase compliance and clarify regulatory roles.

NSW State wide asbestos implementation plan

The NSW State-wide asbestos implementation plan seeks to reduce the number of asbestos related diseases in NSW.

It includes 62 initiatives aimed at raising public awareness and coordinating illness prevention strategies as well as managing asbestos issues and emergency responses. Each initiative has key activities with timeframes and responsibilities allocated to ensure they are achieved.

Asbestos in Aboriginal communities

A key initiative of the NSW State-wide Asbestos Plan is to work with Aboriginal communities in NSW to promote the safe management of asbestos.

Many Aboriginal communities contain fibro houses and buildings and it is essential to provide information regarding health risks, safe behaviours around asbestos containing materials, where it can be found and who to contact.

Aboriginal land is susceptible to illegal dumping of asbestos because it is often located in remote areas or under developed urban parcels of land.

The Heads of Asbestos Coordination Authorities has been working closely with the NSW Aboriginal Land Council, NSW Aboriginal Housing Office, Local Aboriginal Land Councils and Aboriginal Housing Providers to understand the asbestos issues affecting Aboriginal communities.

The Asbestos in Aboriginal Communities Project has developed a range of resources including a checklist, flyer and poster.

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