Building a high performing health & safety culture

Your workplace's health and safety culture, your management of safety, and your business performance are interlinked.

‘Staff notice what you do. When you show a commitment to safety and make positive changes they know you are genuine. Making safety improvements not only affects your staff but can also increase the efficiency of your business operations.’

Dimitri Hari

Operations Manager, Pyrmont Seafoods, NSW

Generally, a workplace that is functioning well has the following elements:

  • professional development is supported and encouraged
  • obstacles to optimum mental health are identified and removed
  • diversity is viewed as an organisation advantage
  • staff turnover and sick/stress leave is low
  • staff loyalty is high
  • workers are productive members of a team.

Developing these in your workplace will take time, commitment and leadership but they will have a positive impact on your workers, your bottom line, and your reputation.

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