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We talk to staff of Temperzone in Western Sydney, makers of air conditioning and ventilation systems, about how they use machine guarding to keep workers safe.

Do you work with manufactured stone, concrete, bricks or rock?
Cutting or grinding these materials releases silica dust, which is so small, you might not even know you’re breathing it in. Exposure can lead to silicosis. Which can be fatal within five to 10 years – sometimes for people as young as 20 or 30. Find out how to stay safe. If you are hearing impaired, watch with closed captions.

Watch our video to hear from health and safety representatives (HSRs) talk about what a day in their life involves.

A 55 year old farm worker was picking avocados on a farm in rural NSW when the mobile elevated work platform he was working on overturned. He suffered severe injuries and later died as a result of these injuries.

Watch our video to learn how to manage the risks involved when harvesting at heights.

Separation and traffic management case study

Each year too many people are killed or seriously injured by forklifts. Watch this short video to see what Yates is doing to keep their people safe.

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