At risk workers

Every worker requires support to work to their capacity and stay safe.

However, there are some workers who might be at greater risk of injury or illness while working. They may need extra support and consideration to stay healthy and safe at work.

These workers include:

  • workers from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander workers
  • migrant workers
  • young workers
  • workers with disabilities
  • pregnant workers
  • workers engaged through labour hire organisations.
Employers responsibilites

If you're an employer you must provide:

  • a safe and healthy workplace
  • safe equipment, structures, and systems of work
  • adequate workplace amenities and facilities
  • information, training and supervision
  • the opportunity for workers to talk about work health and safety.
Worker responsibilities

You are required to take reasonable care of yourself, and not do anything that would affect the health and safety of others at work.

You must follow any reasonable health and safety instructions from your employer.

You also need to:

  • ask if you are not sure how to safely perform the work
  • follow instructions and work safely
  • report unsafe and unhealthy situations and injuries to your immediate supervisor.

Your rights at work fact sheet

We provide a your rights at work fact sheet which explains the basic responsibilities of the worker and the employer.

We also provide this fact sheet in Arabic, Korean, Hindi, Filipino, Chinese and Malay.


We’ve released our five-year at risk workers’ strategy 2018-2022 , which aims to support and protect four groups of workers who are most at risk of being injured at work – young, migrant, culturally and linguistically diverse and labour hire workers.

It was developed in consultation with key community groups, industry representatives, and stakeholders, and we will continue consulting with these audiences during its implementation.

The strategy is also available in Arabic, Chinese Simplified, Filipino and Vietnamese.

Labour hire

We have detailed information for workers employed through external labour hire organisations in our Legal obligations area.

Other sources of information

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