Notify us of a serious incident

A serious injury, illness dangerous incident or death? Call 13 10 50 immediately.

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Notify us of unsafe work using the Speak Up app

Use Speak Up to let us know about unsafe work anywhere, anytime.

Speak Up triggers a routine SafeWork NSW response: your report is assessed, and we take action as needed.

This tool is specifically for notifying unsafe work – don’t use it to notify an incident, this should be done by the person in charge on 13 10 50, but you can also call this number if an incident hasn’t been notified.

Notify us of planned hazardous work

Licence holders must notify us about their intention to undertake hazardous work.

Asbestos notifications

You must notify us five working days before licensed asbestos removal work is commenced.

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Blasting notifications

You must notify us at least seven working days before using explosives.

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Carcinogenic substances notification

You must obtain written authorisation from us to use, handle or store restricted and prohibited carcinogens.

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Demolition notifications

You must notify us five calendar days before undertaking any demolition work.

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Fireworks displays notifications

You must notify us at least seven working days before using any fireworks, distress signals or model rocket propellant device.

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Hazardous chemicals notifications

You must notify us if you store, handle or process Schedule 11 hazardous chemicals (dangerous goods).

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Lead notifications

You must notify us if it is likely that the lead levels in a worker’s blood could exceed healthy levels.

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Notify us of an adverse health monitoring report

Health monitoring is required if the worker is handling, generating or storing asbestos, a scheduled chemical (including lead, inorganic), or any other hazardous chemicals when there is a significant risk to health from exposure.

You must notify us when a worker has received an adverse health monitoring report.

What is an adverse health monitoring report?

A health monitoring report is a medical report completed and signed by a registered medical practitioner, recording a worker health monitoring examination results. Health monitoring may include:

  • a consultation (e.g. answering questions on previous occupational and medical history, lifestyle, dietary, smoking and drinking habits)
  • a physical examination (e.g. skin checks  or lung function test)
  • clinical tests (e.g. urine or blood samples)
  • X-rays.

An adverse health monitoring report contains:

  • test results that indicate the worker may have contracted a disease, injury or illness because of carrying out work
  • any recommendation that the PCBU take remedial measures

How to notify

Complete the Notification of adverse health monitoring report form and either:

Use the Guide for applicants for health monitoring and notification of adverse health monitoring report if you need to.

Further information

What about privacy?

Any information identifying the patients is kept confidential.  Except for the purposes of prosecution and unless such disclosure is otherwise required by law, the information will not be accessed by other third parties in a way that would identify the individual without the consent of that individual. You may also apply to the Regulator to access and correct any information about yourself if inaccurate, incomplete, not relevant or out of date. Applications should be made in writing to: Privacy Contact Officer, SafeWork NSW, Locked Bag 2906, Lisarow, NSW 2252.

Other helpful guides

Safe Work Australia has a range of guidance materials in relation to health monitoring:

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