Safety support

Here we show the next steps to help you become proactive about workplace health and safety.

Making health and safety easy

The 'Easy to do work health and safety toolkit' makes it easier for small businesses to understand their work health and safety obligations.

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Your rights & responsibilities for health and safety

Everyone has responsibilities to keep their workplace safe and healthy.

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Training & orienting workers

Employers are responsible for ensuring workers are properly trained and instructed on how to do their work safely.

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Getting workers to contribute to health & safety

Engaged workers are more productive and have fewer accidents.

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Managing risk in the workplace

To manage the risk of harm at work you need to identify hazards and do a risk assessment.

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Workplace inspections

Regular workplace inspections help you identify hazards and assess risks at work.

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Investigating & reporting incidents

Record all incidents and investigate why it occurred.

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Supervisors have responsibilities for health and safety in your workplace.

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