Safety is serious but it doesn’t have to be complicated

‘Keep it simple; don’t get too overwhelmed and end up doing nothing.’

Taryn Wynne

Human Resources and Safety Officer, Controlstore

Easy to do WHS toolkit

Our easy to do work health and safety toolkit explains the seven components of work health and safety to help you create a safer, healthier and more successful business.

If you're a small business and aren't sure where to start - start here!

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If you have a good idea about where you need to start, or have already used our kit, all you need to know can be found in the topics below.

Safety overview

Here we quickly and simply explain what the first steps of work health and safety compliance look like.

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Safety support

Here we show the next steps to help you become proactive about workplace health and safety.

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Building a safety culture

Here we show you how to make health and safety the priority at your workplace.

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Consultation @ work

Here we show you how regular conversations can improve safety.

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Our Aboriginal program

Here we provide work health and safety information for Aboriginal people.

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Summer in Australia can be harsh. Our 4-step guide suggests ways to help your workers stay comfortable and safe from the effects of extreme heat, sun exposure, bushfires and smoke.

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