Supervisors play an important role in promoting and maintaining safety in your workplace.

Their words, actions and attitude influences how workers approach safety. And they reflect the company's values.

‘It’s our responsibility to make sure they are equipped with all of the information they need to make sure that their safety is protected on a daily basis. Continually talking and consulting with them about safety is the best way to do this.’

Tracey Fuss

Co-owner of Groves Joinery, Hunter Region NSW

Roles of supervisors

A supervisor is anyone who instructs and directs workers as they carry out their work tasks. A supervisor might be the owner, manager, superintendent, foreman, department head or trainer. It might also be someone who unofficially supervises less experienced workers.

Supervisors as safety advocates

A supervisor is well-placed to be a safety advocate. An effective supervisor is intentional and purposeful in promoting health and safety. They should perform regular safety activities, such as inspections, observations, investigations and toolbox talks.

Safety actions for supervisors

Some routine safety-related actions supervisors can do include:

  • training workers before they do new tasks
  • making sure workers' performance meet safety expectations
  • correcting improper and unsafe work activities and conditions
  • identifying new hazards and working to minimise the risk
  • reinforcing safe and proper work performance
  • making sure all safety documents are up-to-date and easy to understand.
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