Active health & safety management

Active health and safety management builds upon your established program.

Active safety management begins at the top, where senior managers continually work toward improving the organisation’s safety culture.

Regardless of the industry or type of workplace, an effective safety program includes:

  • comprehensive risk assessments
  • compliance evaluations
  • workplace inspections
  • incident investigations
  • legal requirement reviews
  • worker consultation
  • health programs for your workers.

You can continually improve your program by:

  • reviewing your safety program regularly
  • developing and implementing initiatives to improve safety.

Working towards both these objectives in your business will require:

  • leadership and commitment by management
  • robust annual health and safety planning
  • measurement and tracking of goals and objectives
  • ongoing organisation-wide self-evaluations.

Remember, there is always room for improvement when it comes to work health and safety.

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