Return to work program

The best place to recover from a work-related injury or illness is at work. It is good for mental and physical health, and reduces the risk of longer term disability.

A return to work program is the formal policy that outlines your general procedures for handling any work-related injury or illness. It represents your commitment to the health, safety and recovery of workers following an incident.

Your obligations

In NSW, you must have a return to work program within 12 months of starting your business.

Your program must:

  • be developed in consultation with your workers and any industrial union representing them
  • be consistent with your insurer's injury management plan
  • comply with the State Insurance Regulatory Authority’s (SIRA) guidelines for workplace return to work programs
  • be accessible and communicated to the workforce.

The SIRA website has detailed information on what is required in a return to work program and how to set one up.

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