Register of injuries

Employers or businesses, or anyone who falls under the definition of a ‘person conducting a business or undertaking’ (a PCBU), has legal obligations under work health and safety laws.

A register of injuries must be kept for workers to record workplace injuries or illnesses.

The register of injuries may be kept in writing or be electronic (like on a computer).

Having a register that all workers can access will help them raise any safety issues they have. It can also help you develop new safe work procedures.

There are penalties for failing to keep a register of injuries.

What to include in your injury register

The register of injuries must include:

  • the name of the injured worker
  • the worker's address
  • the worker's age at the time of injury
  • the worker's occupation at the time of injury
  • the industry in which the worker was engaged at the time of injury
  • the time and date of injury
  • the nature of the injury
  • the cause of the injury.

We have a standard template you can use for your injury register or you can buy one from your office stationery supplier.

If there is a serious injury, illness, dangerous incident or death Call 13 10 50 immediately.

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