Removing friable asbestos

A licensed asbestos removalist removing friable asbestos must make sure:

  • the work area is enclosed
  • the enclosure is tested – eg smoke testing –  by a licensed asbestos assessor
  • the wet method and negative air pressure are used
  • air monitoring takes place
  • glove bags used to enclose the asbestos removal area are dismantled and disposed of safely (negative air pressure and air monitoring are not required before work begins when glove bags are used)
  • enclosures are dismantled when safe to do so – ie when asbestos monitoring levels are  below 0.01 fibres/ml and a visual clearance is undertaken within the enclosure.

If you commissioned the removal of the friable asbestos, you must obtain a clearance certificate from a licensed asbestos assessor after the enclosure for the removal area has been dismantled.

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