Falls through voids

Construction workers risk serious injury or even death when working at heights, and these risks are greatest when there are openings eg voids for staircases which workers can fall through.

You need to address voids in site management plans and inductions, and ensure constant supervision. Encourage the use of void covers with those most at risk.

This voids in house construction safety alert (below) highlights how easy it is to fall through openings on construction sites. An accessible version is also available.

Voids in house construction

The code of practice for managing the risk of falls in housing construction outlines your legal responsibilities, safe work methods for common tasks, and using portable ladders and working on roofs safely.

Solutions to help your business

The following short videos of a house construction demonstration build show how easy it is to prevent injury to your workers by planning ahead and using some simple solutions.

There is also a guide to erecting, altering and dismantling scaffolding.

Builders share their tips

In these short videos, builders share their tips on how to stay safe and prevent injuries on a construction site.

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