Guide for applying for a security clearance


The NSW Explosives Regulation provides for the provision of a Security Clearance (SC) (previously called an Unsupervised Handling Licence (UHL)). The SC is a precondition of all explosives licences except the fireworks (single use) licence and the SC itself. This guide provides applicants with information to complete the Application for a security clearance form.

Under the NSW Explosives Act, if the regulations require a licensed person to handle explosives and explosives precursors, it is an offence for an unlicensed person to handle such material.

Licence conditions

The NSW Explosives Act provides that the licence holder cannot contravene any conditions to which the licence is subject. The publication General explosive licence and security clearance conditions under the NSW Explosives Act and Regulation outlines the conditions to which a SC holder is subject.

Security clearance authorisations

An SC authorises the holder to handle explosives or explosive precursors, but only in circumstances where the SC holder is under the direction or control (ie an employer or contractor) of another person who holds an explosive licence issued under the Explosive legislation, or where they themselves hold an explosive licence issued under the Explosive legislation.

Explosive precursors

Currently, only security sensitive ammonium nitrate is prescribed as a SSDS. Security Sensitive Ammonium Nitrate (SSAN) is any of the following:

  • Ammonium nitrate that is not a dangerous good of class 1 (ie an explosive)
  • Ammonium nitrate emulsions, suspensions or gels containing greater than 45 per cent ammonium nitrate
  • Ammonium nitrate mixtures containing greater than 45 per cent ammonium nitrate

Who may apply for a security clearance

Age restrictions

Only individuals 18 years of age or over may apply for a SC.

National probity assessment form

The applicant must complete the NSW Police force application for national probity assessment (P 877 form).

The completed P 877 is sent to the NSW Police so that they can confirm the applicant has passed a national probity assessment by Australian Police authorities. The application for a SC cannot be processed until the national probity assessment has been finalised by NSW Police.


The SC is a photo licence and the applicant is required to submit, with the application form, two passport size and quality photographs with their name and date of birth on the back of the photographs.Duration of a security clearance. The licence will last for five years unless cancelled earlier.

How to apply for a security clearance

Complete the application form and the P 877 form and lodge them at any Australia Post Bank@Post outlet. When lodging the completed application form with Australia Post, the applicant must provide proof of their identity. The application form lists the documents required for the 100 point identity check.


The fee for a SC is required to be paid at the time of lodging the application with Australia Post. Refer to the SafeWork NSW fees schedule.

Obligations of security clearance holders

Change of details

It is a condition of a SC that the licence holder must notify SafeWork within 14 days of any change in address or employer details. For change of name or address or contact details, use the Application for change of details form.

Additional information

For additional information about applying for a security clearnace, contact SafeWork on 13 10 50.

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