Security clearance for handling explosives

A security clearance is required to have unsupervised access to explosives, explosive precursors or concentrated ammonium nitrate.  You can’t successfully apply for any explosives licence without one.

A security clearance is required to have unsupervised access to explosives and/or security sensitive dangerous substances.

A security clearance does not allow you to obtain, possess, transport, use or otherwise handle explosives in your own right. You need to apply for the specific licence as well.

You can't successfully apply for an explosives or pyrotechnicians licence without holding a security clearance (or unsupervised handling licence).

Eligibility criteria

Only people at least 18 years old can apply.

You will be subjected to a national criminal history record check carried out by NSW and Commonwealth police and security agencies. You will need to pass these checks before you can get a security clearance.

Application process

First complete our interactive security clearance application form.

Then take the completed application form to an Australia Post office along with the required documents. These include:

  • proof of identity documents (originals only) to the value of 100 points

The applicable fee is listed in our list of fees and charges.

We may suspend or cancel a security clearance or impose penalties on licence holders who do not comply with the conditions of the security clearance or requirements in the legislation.

More information is contained in our guide to applying for security clearance or by calling 13 10 50.

Obligations or duties

A security clearance holder must work for a supervising licensee who is licensed to be in possession of the explosives or security sensitive dangerous substances, and if appropriate be nominated on their security plan.

We may suspend or cancel a licence or impose penalties on licence holders who do not comply with the conditions of the licence or requirements in the legislation.

You must advise us of any changes to your security clearance or contact details within 14 days.

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