There's an age limit

You can only let workers who are 16 or older fill up customers’ containers or vehicles with fuel or other flammable gases/liquids.

Check packing and labelling

If your hazardous chemicals aren’t correctly packed or labelled, you can’t supply them to another workplace.

Give up-to-date safety information

When you supply a workplace with a chemical, you must also provide them with information so they can store and use it safely. Make sure you provide a current safety data sheet with the chemical the first time you supply it, and replace it with an updated version whenever one is produced. If your customer asks for a new copy, you must give it to them.

Supplying prohibited goods

You must not supply prohibited carcinogens unless they are to be used for research or analysis, or supply has been approved by us. Keep a record of who you supplied the chemical to and how much you supplied – and keep a copy of the approval notice from us.

Transporting hazardous chemicals

Hazardous chemicals transported on the road must also meet the packing and labelling requirements of the Australian Dangerous Goods Code. More information about safe transport of hazardous chemicals is available from the NSW Environment Protection Authority.

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