Customer satisfaction survey and focus group results summary 2016-2017


Since 2009 SafeWork NSW has undertaken an annual survey to obtain feedback from a range of external stakeholders on their interactions with SafeWork NSW within the previous twelve-month period.

This year’s results show that there has been an overall increase in satisfaction levels regarding the quality and effectiveness of the services we provide. The results indicate that we are balancing our regulatory and enforcement roles with the provision of advice and education.

SafeWork NSW engaged Jetty Research in partnership with Strategic Economic Solutions to conduct a telephone survey and focus groups.

Who did we talk to?

2059 people participated in the survey, of those 39 per cent represented small business, 32 per cent worked in the construction industry, 27 per cent were either a director, chief executive officer or business owner and nearly half were located in the Sydney metropolitan area.

We talked to all kinds of customers including people who had made complaints or reported incidents, business owners seeking advice about health and safety issues and business owners visited as part of our harm prevention programs.

Survey results




The SafeWork officer I spoke to treated me fairly during the interaction


The SafeWork staff member appeared competent


The SafeWork officer I spoke to had enough knowledge to address my issue


Overall the service provided by Safework met my needs


Improving safety makes my business more productive


The administrative response approach and letter was sufficient for my needs


Overall I was satisfied with the process required to resolve the issue (or question)


The interaction was worthwhile

Focus group results

Focus groups were held in Port Macquarie, Parramatta Wagga Wagga, and the Sydney Central Business District. A total of 45 people from different industry sectors attended the four focus groups. For the majority of participants their interaction was an Inspector visit as a result of an incident or complaint.

Some of the feedback received noted that:

Many participants were of the view that SafeWork officers had a very positive approach, were helpful and were trying to assist business to comply with the legislation – “They have changed their focus from the health and safety cops to now, where they’re much more helpful with the provision of information. They’re keen to help.”

Information needs - Participants were keen to see more detailed and consistent information around safety process, systems and procedures, as well as industry specific information. Other suggestions included: “research and analysis on incidents”; “video guides on Manual Handling”; “an easy-to-use Audit Checklist.”

SafeWork brand - Of the 45 people who attended the four focus groups, all but two people knew that SafeWork NSW had changed its name.

Digital technology – Several participants commented that the SafeWork website was difficult to navigate and the search engine was slow and needed refining. As a general rule, most participants were familiar with the website and despite its perceived failings, used it regularly as a valuable resource and tool.

Most participants welcomed SafeWork's assistance - "As long as you demonstrate you’re trying to do the right thing they’re OK", "I’ve had no negative experiences”, “The proactive approach is good, keep building on it”.

Although some people reported there that there were inconsistencies between inspectors, many people stated that developing an ongoing and more personal relationship with an Inspector in their local office enabled them to get good advice from a trusted source in a timely manner.

Further information

View a full copy of the customer satisfaction report.

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