Understanding the workers compensation system

If you’ve made a claim for a work-related injury or illness, you will soon find yourself navigating the workers compensation system.

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The State Insurance Regulatory Authority (SIRA) has developed a new web app to help workers understand their rights and entitlements in the workers compensation system.

If you are entitled to ongoing payments, the app will tell you how your payments and entitlements are structured.

The app will show you:

  • who is there to support you
  • what you can expect in each claim period
  • what vocational programs you can access
  • what affects your weekly payments
  • how your weekly payments are calculated
  • how your degree of permanent impairment affects your entitlements
  • what to do if you have a dispute.

Use the app as a go-to source of information on your rights and entitlements in the workers compensation scheme.

Have you been injured at work? is mobile friendly and will virtually live in your pocket, providing guidance whenever you need it.

Get started now and save the app to the home screen of any digital device.

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