Paralympian Speaker Program

We talk a lot about safety at work and why it matters, but it's not always easy to keep safety front of mind.

Image of Paralympian speaker, Sam, during a presentation.
Paralympian speaker, Sam, during a presentation.

There is a group of safety champions whose job it is to look you in the eye and tell you it is important.

The icare Paralympian Speaker Program really is a unique way to raise awareness of workplace health and safety.

It's run in partnership with Paralympics Australia and provides icare customers with free access to current and former Paralympians who sustained their disability through a work-related injury.

They're the sort of people you respect, not just because they overcame serious, debilitating work-related injuries themselves, but because they soared above their injuries, going on to master a sport and then share their stories to make other workplaces better and safer.

Since 2000, the program has made it possible for Paralympian speakers to leverage their own injuries to connect with workers and employers across industries in the belief that they can change lives.

In this period of time, we imagine they've changed a vast number and saved more than a few.

There is power in stories - if your safety messages seem to be falling on deaf ears, why not try a different approach and invite a Paralympian speaker to talk to your workers?

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