Consultation: some practical advice

We have shown our commitment to helping businesses develop a better understanding of workplace consultation by hosting the inaugural Consultation @ Work conference.

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Held at the Sydney Cricket Ground on October 25 2017, the conference was part of national Safe Work Month.

Research has shown that NSW businesses are unsure of their consultation obligations, and are concerned it is expensive and time consuming.

The conference provided approximately 200 delegates with simple and practical ways to meet their obligations, and gave them a platform to share stories.

Keynote speakers included health, safety and security expert and lawyer Alena Titterton and safety organisational culture specialist Robert Sams.

Delegates also participated in an interactive theatre performance. The performance was based around the Deepwater Horizon oil spill, and offered a unique way to learn important safety lessons gleaned from the tragedy.

The conference is just one element of our two-year Consultation @ Work program.

As part of this program, we will develop a ‘consultation toolkit’ to help businesses better understand their obligations, and learn practical and efficient ways to consult.

short animation about the basics has already been produced, and case studies for the manufacturing and healthcare industries have been published.

With more than 55 sites around the state, the Cerebral Palsy Alliance has also shared tips on how their business consults. Watch their short video.

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