Tips on implementing a permanent solution for emergency telecommunication systems

  • You will most likely need to install separate solutions for each emergency telecommunication system. The solutions are likely to have minor but significant differences. These solutions are again different to those used for fixed line telephones and internet services.
  • Capabilities of devices vary whereby some devices can use the nbn™ network with a secondary pathway provided by mobile networks, whilst other devices operate over two or more separate mobile networks.
  • Seek assurance that the fixed line solutions proposed have been tested in nbn plug benches and proven to be nbn™ network compatible
  • If your solution uses a mobile network, ensure the signal strength will be adequate.
  • Use of mobile phone handsets in a lift car (different to an installed solution that operates over a mobile network) is unlikely to be a suitable permanent solution due to theft, vandalism and/or difficulties in identifying the lift location by a service provider.
  • Consider installing systems that are capable of self-checking the telecommunications signal.
  • Be aware there may be substantial costs involved in providing new emergency telecommunication systems in some situations.
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