Customer satisfaction survey results summary 2018-2019


Since 2012, SafeWork NSW has been seeking feedback from their customers to find out whether we are meeting their needs and what we can do to improve our services.

In 2019, we commissioned the market research company Colmar Brunton to conduct the Customer Survey.

This year, a total of 389 people were surveyed.

Who did we talk to?

The highest response rate came from the Construction industry, which accounts for 41% of all our customers.

Approximately 84% were senior figures in their businesses, either director, CEO, owner or manager.

The most common business size surveyed was small business at 37%, with large business a close second at 36%.

Just over half of the survey respondents came from the Sydney metropolitan area with the remaining split between regional north at 27% and south areas at 20%.

Survey results

The results indicate that SafeWork NSW is reliably providing a high level of customer satisfaction, with the key drivers being the honesty and integrity of inspectors, followed by high levels of satisfaction with efficiency and effectiveness. Aspects of customer service were rated highly, so the task for the future is to maintain the high quality of services provided.

The overall satisfaction score of 8.3 compares favourably to the results of the 2018 NSW Public Service Commission Annual Customer Survey result of 7.8.

What our customers said

  • “They were very upfront about what they were going to do and why, and they gave clear explanations on the background of what they were doing. They were willing to work with us.”
  • “They were honest fair and listened to all sides of the story and provided practical solutions.”
  • “The interactions I have had with them are always helpful and professional. Great resource for someone in my position to have that service available.”

Further information

View the customer satisfaction report.

Note: for an accessible version of this report please contact us.

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