Customer satisfaction survey results summary 2017-2018

An annual survey to obtain feedback from a range of external stakeholders on their interactions with SafeWork NSW within the previous twelve-month period.


This year SafeWork NSW conducted its 9th annual Customer Satisfaction Survey.

Each year we talk to our customers about our service delivery to make sure we are meeting their needs. We also ask them what we can do to help make their workplaces safer.

Who did we talk to?

SafeWork NSW engaged Jetty Research to conduct the survey on our behalf. A total of 1,875 responses were obtained for an overall response rate of 42 per cent, which is higher than 40 per cent in 2017 and 38 per cent in 2016.

Jetty talked to a range of customers including people who have reported an incident, had an advisory visit, watched a webinar, or been visited as part of a compliance or verification program.

The Construction industry accounted for 33 per cent of all customers surveyed, followed by Manufacturing with 14 per cent. Approximately 52 per cent of all customers surveyed were senior figures in their businesses, either director, CEO, owner or manager. The most common business size was 200-1999, which accounted for 22 per cent of business surveyed. Half of the customers came from the Sydney metropolitan area with the remaining split evenly between regional north and south areas.

Survey results

Percentage Agree with Statement



The SafeWork officer I spoke to treated me fairly during the interaction


The SafeWork staff member appeared competent


The SafeWork officer I spoke to had enough knowledge to address my issue


Improving safety makes my business more productive


Improving safety saves my business money


Overall the service provided by Safework met my needs


The administrative response approach and letter was sufficient for my needs


Overall, I was satisfied with the process required to resolve the issue or question


The interaction was worthwhile


By receiving the letter, it allowed me to address the issue/s raised in a timely manner


I have increased confidence to improve work health and safety or return to work or injury management because the interaction


I have made changes to my workplace because of the interaction

The survey results indicated that satisfaction in 2018 is high and in most cases stable, with larger PCBUs more positive than the smaller businesses. 88.1% of respondents agreed that their needs were met while 85% agreed that SafeWork was “easy to do business with”. Satisfaction was highest in the Manufacturing sector.

Despite some minor falls from 2017 results, satisfaction with our service delivery remains high with strong responses of over 90% in the areas of staff knowledge, fairness and competence.

Most larger companies also agreed that improving safety makes good business sense. It was particularly high in the health care sector with 96 per cent agreeing with that safety saves them time and money.

Increasingly our inspectors are using modern technology when they are in the field, so this year we asked some additional questions about inspectors using digital devices. Tablet use was not well recalled but where noted, it was agreed that it enhanced the interaction by making online materials and videos available on the spot. As to the one thing SafeWork could do to make the workplace safer, suggestions included providing alerts about legislation changes, providing industry specific guidelines and checklists, and improving the SafeWork website.

Further information

View a full copy of the customer satisfaction report.

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