Customer satisfaction survey and focus group results summary 2015-2016


Since 2009 SafeWork NSW (previously *WorkCover) has undertaken an annual survey to obtain feedback from a range of external stakeholders on their interactions with SafeWork NSW within the previous twelve month period.

The aim of the survey is to assess satisfaction levels with the SafeWork services used by customers. In addition to satisfaction measures, questions were also asked about the impact and outcomes from the interactions with SafeWork.

In 2015-16 focus groups were included to provide qualitative exploration of issues around customer satisfaction with SafeWork.

SafeWork NSW engaged Jetty Research in partnership with Strategic Economic Solutions to conduct the telephone survey and focus groups.

Survey respondent characteristics

2000 people participated in the survey, of those 25 per cent represented small business, 31 per cent related to the construction industry, 32 per cent were either a director, chief executive officer or business owner and 49 per cent of those surveyed were located in the Sydney metropolitan area.

All respondents were people who had interacted with SafeWork across seven different interaction types during the period of July 2015 to February 2016.

Of the interaction types, 36 per cent related to complaints, 33 per cent related to incidents, 14 per cent related to projects, seven per cent related to webinars, six per cent related to advisory visits, three per cent related to other interaction types and one per cent related to stakeholder consultation.

Survey results

96%The SafeWork officer I spoke to treated me fairly during the interaction
93%The SafeWork officer appeared competent
91%The SafeWork officer I spoke to or heard from had an adequate level of knowledge to address my issue
89%Overall I am satisfied that the services provided were appropriate and sufficient to meet my needs
87%The interaction was valuable and worthwhile
87%Overall I was satisfied with the process required to resolve the issue or question
83%The SafeWork officer I spoke to understood the demands or pressures of my business
70%I have made changes to my workplace as a result of the interaction

Focus group results

Five focus groups were held in Wagga Wagga, Lismore, Parramatta, Gosford and Sydney Central Business District. A total of 55 people from different industry sectors attended the five focus groups. For the majority of participants their interaction was an Inspector visit as a result of an incident or complaint.

Some of the feedback received noted that:

SafeWork NSW officers are helpful and friendly, polite and reasonable - "SafeWork have worked hard to improve their image and work with industry and business.

Most participants welcomed SafeWork's assistance - "if you show you've made an effort they're really good", "we would like more friendly visits - advisory or educative, we want SafeWork's help".

All participants agreed, they want simple, plain English, industry specific information - "we want to speak to someone who has an indepth knowledge of our industry", "need more Inspectors who have an understanding of our industry and issues"

Digital technology - "we would like better communication, for example monthly newsletters, safety alerts, et cetera followed by site visits".

Most participants find it beneficial to establish and maintain a good relationship with their SafeWork NSW contacts in order to easily access information and advice from a trusted source, "we want a go to person".

Further information

A copy of the full report is available by contacting

While this work has been undertaken according to valid and rigorous methodology, SafeWork NSW acknowledges that any such research is only the perceptions and actions of a sample of the broader population, so the findings must be taken in context with knowledge of our customers and influences on the way we do our work.

*Since 1 September 2015, the functions of WorkCover have been assumed by three new organisations, SafeWork NSW, icare (Insurance & Care NSW) and State Insurance Regulatory Authority (SIRA). SafeWork NSW is now New South Wales’ workplace health and safety regulator.

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