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Significantly, this industry has a high rate of injury and fatalities. There are a vast range of activities and workplaces across this industry and each workplace presents its own safety challenges.

Compared to all NSW industries, the transport, postal and warehousing industry has a higher percentage of major claims.


Hazardous manual tasks is the most frequent cause of claims, accounting for approximately 43 per cent of all claims followed by falls, being hit by or hitting objects and vehicle accidents.

For every 1,000 workers in the sector, on average, 41 workers sustain a workplace injury or disease leading to a claim compared to 28 workers in all industries in NSW.


Transport, postal and warehousing accounted for the largest number of fatalities in NSW between 2003 and 2015.

34 people died in transport, postal and warehousing in the three years between 2012/13 - 2015/16.

The causes of 'non-road' related fatalities within the sector include:

  • muscular stress while handling, lifting, carrying or putting down objects
  • slips, trips and falls from same level
  • falls from heights
  • being hit by moving objects
  • being trapped between stationary and moving objects
  • rollover.

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