Secretary's message

As the Secretary for DFSI, part of my role is keep the NSW Public Service workforce as safe as possible. To date, the sector’s results have been less than ideal and there is a lot of work to be done to realise our potential as a true leader in our field - to walk our walk, and talk our talk.

This NSW Government Work Health and Safety Sector Plan, developed by SafeWork NSW alongside key sector stakeholders, now provides a clear line of sight for us to improve workplace health and safety in our own backyard. We will do this by becoming role models in WHS; improving employee engagement and productivity; and creating real solutions for safer working conditions.

I am personally committed to the success of the plan, and am proud to present this document with the support of my fellow Secretaries and commitment to the same outcomes. Each cluster will be adopting strategies to reduce workplace injury and illness in their field, and they will determine their own initiatives that contribute to our national targets and to NSW Government’s key target of 30 per cent reduction in serious injuries and illnesses from now to 2022.

While we will all work hard on our own programs, we know ultimately we are doing so together.

Once implemented, this plan will support the NSW Government sector to build a healthier and safer workforce, better able to meet the needs of the people of NSW, and the goals of the NSW State Priorities – Making It Happen.

Martin Hoffman
Department of Finance, Services and Innovation

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