Action area three

Exemplar sector

The Roadmap’s third Action Area commits the NSW Government to be an exemplar employer across NSW. This third action area supports Action Areas I and II by committing the NSW Government to be:

  • Worker focussed – ensuring processes and systems are designed to make it easy for leaders in consultation with workers to manage health and safety
  • Credible – developing authentic and productive engagement approaches with workers and the NSW community; and continuing to ensure work health and safety consequences of policy decisions are front of mind
  • Driven by insights from data – ensuring decisions are driven by insights and evidence from data
  • Innovative – adopting an approach that encourages workplace innovation in health and safety

Consultation across the NSW Government sector and with key stakeholders identified key areas that need to be addressed by this Sector Plan. The following Action Area III objectives and deliverables address these areas whilst working towards making the NSW Government overall an exemplar sector and employer.


Safety impacts of policy decisions

The safety impacts of any policy decisions are well understood.

Every agency can demonstrate an integrated framework for assessing the work, health and safety impacts of each policy decision

Sector collaboration

Demonstrated collaboration throughout the sector

  • Effective mechanisms for sharing best practices across the NSW Government sector are supported and developed
  • Cross agency working groups support the implementation of best practices
Evidence driven work, health and safety outcomes
  • Agencies use relevant data (such as PMES reports) to better understand and improve work health and safety
  • Data is collected and shared across the NSW Government sector in a consistent format to enable continuous improvement
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