Plan and prepare

Whilst principal contractors and masonry contractors are primarily responsible for the masonry work on site all PCBUs have an obligation to ensure their workers are not placed at risk.

As part of the planning and preparation principal contractors and masonry contractors should:

  • determine who is responsible for assessing the stability of masonry walls prior to tying in to the completed structure
  • determine who is responsible for installing, inspecting and removing any temporary supports
  • provide designs and materials for temporary supports, considering the particular walls’ characteristics (seek engineering advice if necessary)
  • provide materials to identify no-go zones – e.g. fencing, tape or signage
  • provide instruction for workers, including site induction and supervision.

If you’re a masonry contractor, you must also prepare a safe work method statement in consultation with workers and get it reviewed by the principal contractor before you start work. Ensure that you use any relevant information from the manufacturer, supplier and site management.

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