Check your workers’ health

Let your workers know their health will be monitored if they are likely to be exposed to hazardous chemicals.

Workers who are regularly exposed to certain hazardous chemicals must undergo health checks by an appropriate registered medical practitioner.

If a worker is exposed to chemicals, you need to tell a doctor your name, the worker’s name and date of birth, and describe the work and how long the worker has been doing it. They will provide a health report outlining your worker’s test results, negative or otherwise, and they’ll let you know if your worker needs counselling, and whether they can continue work or not. Make sure you give a copy of the report to the worker and to any other employer who may be responsible for the worker’s health and wellbeing. Also give a copy to us if it contains negative results or any recommendations. You will need to keep a copy of the report for at least 30 years. Don’t show the report to anyone without either the worker’s consent or professional confidentiality.

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