Managing work related stress

Best practice for managing stress in the workplace is to prevent and minimise stress before it becomes a risk to health and safety.

As with any other health and safety risk, a management program needs to be developed and implemented in consultation with your workers.

Your program needs to:

  • identify the areas within the workplace that are likely to cause stress
  • assess the risks to determine which require controls
  • control the risks by eliminating or minimising them
  • regularly review the controls and their effectiveness
  • ensure workers are aware of health and safety policies and procedures.

You could also consider:

  • having senior management make a commitment to a reduction in workplace stress
  • promoting and involving workers in activities to create a mentally healthy workplace culture
  • providing regular and respectful performance feedback
  • providing training for workers about managing their own stress levels.

People at work project

The People at Work (PAW) project helps organisations identify and manage mental health risks in the workplace.

The project uses a survey that workers undertake themselves. It assesses their exposure to psychological harm. The results of the survey will assist you to develop a psychosocial risk management plan.

You can download the survey and supporting information from the tools and resources page of the People at Work website.

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