Workplace emergency respiratory management kits

Workplace asthma emergency kits help to manage asthma flare-ups in the workplace.

They should be located throughout the workplace in high-risk areas. They can also be located in a ‘bum-bag’ worn by first aiders, to be more mobile and easily accessed in an emergency.

The contents of these kits should be as recommended by Asthma Australia and should include:

  • simple instructions for asthma first aid and asthma emergencies
  • spacer devices to administer the worker's puffer medication – single-person use, so replacement spacers are needed to top up the kit whenever one is used. SafeWork NSW recommends that each kit should always contain two spacers to aid this process. The used spacer device can be given to the worker who used it.

Ensure there is an effective system in place to regularly check that the contents of each kit is in-date, undamaged and ready for use.

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