Understanding workers compensation

A seminar discussing the supports available for business including work trials and recovery at work programs.

The workers compensation process can be complex – and this complexity is amplified when you have limited claims management experience, resources and cash flow.

For most small businesses, a workers compensation claim may only occur once every several years. Many employers pay their annual premium and have no further contact or relationship with their insurer.

A challenge for small businesses is the number of stakeholders involved with the workers compensation process, and the various relationships that exist between these stakeholders.

This seminar features three panel members representing the employer, insurer and regulator. They discuss the role of each in the workers compensation process, the supports available for business – eg vocation rehabilitation and work trials – and the recovery at work programs run by the State Insurance Regulatory Authority (SIRA).

SIRA has also developed a tool that helps injured workers understand their weekly payments and entitlements at different stages of their claim.

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