Becoming an exemplary regulator

Our six-year Work Health and Safety Roadmap demonstrates our commitment to ‘right touch’ regulatory approaches through collaboration, innovation and expertise.

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With a greater focus on innovation and data analytics, we will be empowered to lead the nation as a smarter and more targeted work health and safety regulator.

Our newly established, world-class research centre, the Centre for Work Health and Safety (the Centre), will pull together the latest data and research to inform safer business practices and more effective regulation for workplaces in NSW.

The Centre will build a network of world-class expertise and capabilities to drive further reductions in workplace fatalities and serious injuries. A high-profile Research Foundation will support the Centre by investing in leading-edge, cross-disciplinary and academic research through collaboration and partnership with eminent work health and safety research providers.

The Centre comprises four fundamental streams: research, insights and analytics, science outreach and business support.

The research stream will undertake business-driven and applied research with our partners.

The insights and analytics stream will analyse a variety of knowledge sources to uncover insights and use analytical capabilities to investigate workplace harms, behaviours and practices.

The science outreach stream will lead the development of appropriate skills, activities and dialogues to raise interest in, and understanding of, work health and safety research. It will inform work practices and change safety behaviours.

The business support stream will lead the centre’s governance, align strategies, and manage finances, contracts, projects and information.

By providing employers and workers with relevant, evidence-based information drawn from robust research and data, we will ensure that people are safer, healthier and more productive at work.

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