Plant item registration

Plant that has a higher level of risk of harm associated with its operation, use or maintenance must be registered with us by the owner, lessee or controller of the plant.

Types of plant that must be registered include:

  • tower cranes including self erecting tower cranes
  • mobile cranes with a safe working load of more than 10 tonnes
  • concrete placement units with delivery booms
  • lifts, escalators and moving walkways
  • building maintenance units
  • boilers with a hazard level of A, B or C
  • pressure vessels with hazard level of A, B, or C (except LP gas fuel vessels for automotive use; serially produced pressure vessels; or pressure vessels that do not require periodic internal inspection)
  • amusement devices covered by Section 2.1 of Australian Standard (AS) 3533.1:2009

Requirements for registering a plant item

To register an item of plant complete the form to register an item of plant and pay the applicable fee.

Under Work Health and Safety Regulation 2011 (WHS) transitional arrangements, items of plant are still registered using the Occupational Health and Safety Regulation 2001 definitions.

For item registration of mining specific plant, contact the Department of Trade & Investment (DTI).

Additional requirements for amusement devices

There are additional requirements when registering an amusement device.

To register an amusement device you must complete the form to register an item of plant, pay the applicable fee and also submit:

Renewal of plant item registration

Registration of individual plant items must still be renewed annually. We will send a renewal notice to the last person or company that registered it.

Replacing a plant registration document

Complete the application form to replace a plant item or design registration if you need to replace a plant item or design registration document (certificate) that has been lost, stolen, damaged or destroyed.

Requesting a search for plant registration records

Complete the application form to search for a registered plant item or design records held by us.

You must be the owner of the plant design or item(s) to be searched or provide a letter of authorisation from the owner of the plant design or items(s) and attach it to the application.

Change of plant ownership/control or relocation of fixed plant

If you change the location of a usually fixed item of plant or if you buy an item of plant or assume control from someone who had it registered you must notify us within 14 days by completing the notification form to relocate or change the ownership of registered plant.

You must also provide a statement that the plant has been inspected by a competent person and is safe to operate.

Lodging completed forms

All completed forms can be sent to us by:

Ensure you read the form instructions and lodge any required supporting documentation with your application.