Equipment on farms

Machines such as tractors, augers and post-hole diggers offer huge value to the farming industry however they aren’t without risk.

Machinery accounts for a high proportion of farm injuries or fatalities with tractor accidents being highly represented in farm injury and fatality statistics.

To safely use farm machinery you should:

  • plan the work - a few minutes could save you a serious injury
  • take your time - most accidents happen when rushing and are preventable
  • always switch off a machine, such as an auger PDF, 60.52 KB before undertaking any maintenance
  • ensure augers are properly guarded
  • ensure tractors are fitted with rollover protection structures to reduce the risk of injury
  • check that all machine danger points are guarded e.g. post hole diggers and power take off (PTOs)
  • use safety gear including heavy boots, respiratory masks and eye protection
  • don't wear loose clothing, jewellery or gloves when using rotating parts
  • communicate with others and let them know where you're working
  • if you're working alone, carry a mobile phone or two way radio with you.

Silos, augers, field bins and chaser bins

During harvesting season you need to make sure everyone gets home safely during this busy time of the year.

If you are an employer, self-employed person, controller, or owner of a workplace and plant, use this fact sheet PDF, 60.52 KB to help keep your farm safe and productive

Joany Badenhorst was ten years old when her leg was caught in the power take-off shaft of the tractor. She talks about how her life changed after the accident.

Mark, a fifth generation grain farmer from Tamworth is an experienced farmer and knows the dangers of working with machinery. He remembers a situation with an auger that caused serious injuries and could have been fatal.

When changing tyres on farm vehicles it's essential you follow these steps to prevent injury, or even death while working with split rim tyres


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