What to focus on

You can approach safety inspections in a number of ways.

You can approach safety inspections in a number of ways.

For example:

  1. You could focus on the most common tasks your workers perform.
  2. You could break up the worksite into specific segments with focused checklists to look at specific hazards and activities in each area.
  3. You could target the specific issues addressed by your safety program, such as material handling, confined space entry, or workplace violence.

Tying your workplace inspections to elements of your health and safety program will help you remain proactive about safety throughout your organisation.

Things to look for:

  • uncorrected problems from the previous inspection report
  • workers not following safe work procedures or procedures that aren’t correct
  • improper storage or handling of materials (for example, boxes in front of emergency exits or electrical panels, or chemicals not being used appropriately)
  • accumulation of liquid or grease on floors
  • poor maintenance of equipment.

If your inspection reveals a problem, try to understand why it has happened.

For example, if you see a wet floor, ask why. Possible explanations could include a water leak, a job process that's creating the problem, or a lack of training on how to clean up the hazard.

Fix it right the first time and the problem is less likely to re-occur.

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