Container placement

What is the issue?

Placement of a container in an inadequate location onsite can lead to a number of risks including:

  • electrocution
  • slips, trips and falls
  • falls from height
  • collision of people and plant
  • physical fatigue
  • musculoskeletal disorders
  • risk of being hit by unrestrained items or falling loads.

How can I manage this?

The risk of injuries arising from the placement of the container can be eliminated or significantly reduced by:

  • consulting with workers who will be unpacking the container
  • consulting with other site users prior to placement of the container on common property
  • considering the proposed container site prior to its arrival, including the path of navigation to its resting place. For example, are there obstacles, overhead power lines or any other dangers?
  • selecting a suitable area for unpacking on level undamaged ground with sufficient space to open doors and provide safe access
  • paying close attention to the stability of the container if it is positioned at a height to access a loading dock.  You should consider lowering the landing leg of the trailer to sure this up
  • ensuring the site has adequate space to operate plant in and around the container and to set down a load outside of the container (this should be considered in your Traffic Management Plan)
  • ensuring there is sufficient lighting in and around the container for unpacking and operating plant
  • considering the environmental conditions of the site, for example, heat, rain and ventilation; and the appropriateness for workers unpacking in these conditions.

Image of driver unloading container with forklift - on even ground

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