Saws: Checklist

This checklist provides information to assist all workers in the safe operation of these saws and to ensure a safe workplace environment.

This checklist provides information to assist all workers in the safe operation of these saws, and to ensure a safe workplace environment.

Businesses should fill out this checklist to ensure the saws are in proper working condition and have the necessary safe guards before workers operate these machines. Saws are designed and programmed to cut wood, fibre or other similar material in a specific manner.

  • Band saw
  • Panel circular saw
  • Cross cutting saw
  • Beam saw
  • Bench circular saw
  • Multi-cut saw

Machine and operating environment: checklist

Machine identity/details:

Inspection  date:

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Audit criteria





Is the machine stable and unlikely to move during operation?

Are wood pieces securely clamped before machining begins?



Are the machine guards installed and functioning correctly? Does the blade retract when not in use?

Are push sticks available and used to move the timber through the saw?


Operating controls:

Are the operating controls easily accessible to the operator? Do the operating controls prevent accidental start-up?

Are the control functions clearly marked?


Emergency stop:

Is there an emergency stop of the mushroom-headed type (or equivalent)? Is the emergency stop easily accessible and labelled?

Where machine breaks down and needs tag out, have you contacted the supervisor so they can arrange maintenance by an appropriate person?


Moving parts:

Are the transmission drive and other moving parts totally enclosed or guarded?


Isolate for maintenance:

Are there systems in place for the machine to be isolated?


Operating environment

Work space:

Is there a clear work space around the machine?

Is a vacuum lifter available to lift sheets of timber, and other manual handling aids eg trolleys, available to collect timber pieces?


Airborne contaminants:

Is dust extraction fitted correctly, on during cutting, and regularly maintained?



Is the general and task lighting adequate?

Is lighting protected against flying objects?



Are sharp and well maintained blades used to reduce noise level?

Has the use of sound absorbing material been considered to reduce noise levels?



Is the floor area regularly cleaned, and all off-cuts and other debris removed?


Safe, firm, foothold:

Does the floor surface around the machine provide a safe, firm foothold?




Are all operators of this machine trained and experienced, and also instructed and supervised by a competent person when undergoing training?



Example of PPE

Has the correct type of PPE been provided to workers and being worn?


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