Meal rooms at construction sites: Fact sheet

This fact sheet outlines what is considered appropriate floor space for meals rooms on construction sites.

Your obligations

SafeWork requires meal rooms at construction sites to provide at least one square metre of floor space for each person that may occupy the meal room at any particular time. The total space of the room includes those areas taken up by chairs, tables, refrigerator, sink and the like.

The Construction work code of practice recognises that meal rooms will vary from site to site, given the temporary nature of the workplace, but requires all meal rooms to be hygienic.

The Work Health and Safety Regulation 2017 requires meal rooms to be clean, safe, accessible and in good working order. The design of these facilities must take into account:

  • the size, location and nature of the workplace
  • the work being carried out
  • the workplace hazards.

Consult with affected workers when making decisions about their welfare and the adequacy of facilities.

Sample meal room

Sample meal room

A drawing of a sample meal room that is 6.0 metres long and 3.0 metres wide that is designed to accommodate a maximum of 18 people.

Further information

For more information about meal rooms and workplace facilities, see the:

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