Plant registrations

Plant can include things like cranes, delivery booms, boilers, escalators and amusement devices. They have a higher level of risk associated with operating them and their use and maintenance must be registered with us.

Transitional arrangements

Design and item registration is required under Clause 702A of the WHS Regulation 2017.

Design registration is not required for plant designed prior to 1 September 2001 and for:

  • passenger ropeways
  • fixed concrete placing booms designed before 13 February 2015.

Until 01 January 2018, the definitions used for plant item registration are those used in the Occupational Health & Safety Regulation 2001. Arrangements after this date will be updated on this website.

Plant item registration

You must register plant that has a higher level of risk of harm associated with its operation, use or maintenance.

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Plant design registration

You need to register the design of plant that has the potential to be dangerous.

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Cancelling plant registration

There are times when we will cancel plant item registration or a plant design registration.

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