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Your feedback is important to guide and develop our regulatory approach to deliver improved outcomes to the New South Wales community.

We welcome submissions on our consultations. Your feedback is important because it helps us deliver improved work health and safety to people across the New South Wales community.

We might not be carrying out public consultations all the time, but when we do we list the projects below and invite you to contribute.

Open consultations

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Closed consultations

Draft formwork code of practice

What was this about?

More than 6000 people work in the concrete construction services industry and, in this industry, formworkers (and other structural trade workers) are twice as likely to have an injury resulting in more than six months off work.

Falling from a height is the number one cause of death and permanent disability in the formwork industry. Formworkers are susceptible to falls from heights, as well as being hit by falling objects and muscular stress.

The draft code aims to provide practical guidance for persons conducting a business or undertaking (PCBU) and demonstrate how to manage work health and safety risks related to formwork and falsework.


Participants were invited to have their say from 5pm Monday 30 September 2019.


Statutory review of the Explosives Act 2003

What was this about?

The Explosives Act 2003 (the Act) regulates the control and handling of explosives and explosive precursors in NSW.

Section 38 of the Act requires that the Act be reviewed to determine whether its policy objectives remain valid and its terms remain appropriate for securing those objectives. The review is now underway.

A paper was prepared to support discussion about the Act. The discussion paper sets out the background to the Act, its scope, and its main elements, including:

  • the licensing framework
  • rights of review
  • offences and penalties
  • compliance and enforcement.

The discussion paper asks questions about each of these elements of the Act and the issues arising from them.

The issues and questions raised in the Discussion Paper are not exhaustive. They are intended to stimulate discussion. Comments are welcome on any matters that are relevant to improving the regulatory framework established by the Act.


Participants were invited to read the discussion paper and provide comments from 19 July to 5pm 16 August 2019.

After consultation, a report on the Act will be submitted to the Minister for Better Regulation and Innovation. The report will then be tabled in each house of Parliament before 29 October 2019.


Submissions received

SafeWork NSW licence register

If any penalty notices are issued in connection with high risk work, asbestos and demolition licences, and general construction induction training cards on or after 1 July 2018, they may be published on the SafeWork licence register.

This consultation has now closed. For further information, please refer to the SafeWork Policy for publishing WHS penalty notices.

Revised asbestos blueprint

This consultation closed 12 March 2018.

The Heads of Asbestos Co-ordination Authorities (HACA) asked for input on the revised asbestos blueprint from stakeholders and the community. The second edition of the asbestos blueprint provides an updated overview of the current legislative framework and the roles and responsibilities of the agencies that regulate asbestos in NSW. Feedback on the blueprint is being reviewed to ensure the ongoing improvement of the management and regulation of asbestos in NSW.

Statutory review of the Work Health and Safety Act 2011

This consultation has now closed. Our work heath and safety legislation page has more information.

Draft horse code of practice
This consultation has now closed and the final horse code of practice was gazetted in February 2017.

Submissions made public

Submissions are usually made public. If we do that then we will remove contact details such as email addresses, postal addresses and telephone numbers.

At our discretion we may not publish certain submissions (or part of submissions) due to our assessment of length, content, appropriateness or confidentiality.

If your submission contains confidential or commercially sensitive information that you do not wish to be published, clearly indicate in writing at the time of your submission that you prefer it or any part of it to be treated confidentially. We will then make every effort to protect that information.

All personal information or health information provided in submissions is dealt with in accordance with:

Any requests for access to confidential submissions are dealt with in accordance with the Government Information (Public Access) Act 2009.

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