This alert highlights potential risks associated with the commercial transport of recalled Samsung Galaxy Note7 mobile phones containing defective lithium ion batteries. It details how the goods must be packed, labelled and transported.


Samsung Electronics Australia has issued a recall for all Galaxy Note7 mobile phones due to a risk the lithium ion batteries may overheat and pose a fire or burn hazard. Samsung has directed consumers to power down their phones and return them to the original place of purchase. Retailers are responsible for returning the devices to Samsung.

This alert relates to commercial entities, such as retail stores, dangerous goods transporters and other persons, packing or transporting Samsung Galaxy Note7 mobile phones as part of the recall. This information does not apply to individual consumers returning their devices to the place of purchase.


Action required

You must adhere to the packaging, labelling and transport requirements outlined below for Samsung Galaxy Note7 devices.


  • Devices must be packed according to Special Provision 376 and Packing instruction P908 in the ADG Code.
  • Each phone is to be placed in an inner packaging surrounded by a non-combustible insulation material.
  • Inner packagings are to be placed inside an approved outer packaging.


Your packaging label must include all the following components:

  • Wording indicating the goods arenot for air transport.
  • The United Nations (UN) number and proper shipping name, which is - UN 3481, LITHIUM ION BATTERIES CONTAINED IN EQUIPMENT.
  • Dangerous goods packaging marks preceded by the UN packaging symbol, which is the letters UN inside a circle.
  • The name and address of the consignor or manufacturer.
  • A miscellaneous dangerous goods Class 9 label.


  • Samsung Galaxy Note7 devices must not be transported by air.
  • Packages must be transported by a competent person as a dangerous goods load and accompanied by transport documents.
  • Where applicable, additional measures such as vehicle placarding, safety equipment and emergency information must be used.

Remember you must notify us of any serious injury or a dangerous incident.

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