If you are an employer

As an employer, business owner, board member, company director or officer, you have a primary duty of care for your staff and you are responsible for work health and safety in the workplace.

You need to take all reasonable steps, your due diligence, to make sure your business complies with all health and safety legal obligations.

You also need to yarn with your workers and volunteers about all aspects of safety in the workplace, including both physical and psychological safety. Yarning is your legal duty to consult your workers under health and safety laws.

You may need to give additional support to a worker who may not have the experience, maturity or capacity to keep safety top of mind.

If a worker is injured in your workplace, psychologically or physically, and you haven’t taken all reasonable and practical steps to fulfil your health and safety obligations, you may be liable. You may be penalised and have to pay medical and legal costs.

Find everything you need to make your business compliant in the safety starts here section and in the easy to do WHS kit.

Our legal obligations section provides comprehensive information about NSW health and safety legislation.

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