Culturally safe workplaces

Cultural awareness and safety programs are often believed to only benefit people from Aboriginal and/or non-Anglo, non-English speaking heritage in the workplace.

But, a well-developed and engaged cultural safety program will also create a general openness, increase workplace respect, and assist in mentally healthy work practices for all workers. It makes good business sense to commit to workplace cultural safety.

We no longer need to argue a case for productive diversity. We are living it.

Community Relations Commission for a multicultural NSW

The Economic advantages of Cultural Diversity in Australia

A culturally safe workplace has a defined set of values and principles, and demonstrates behaviours, attitudes, policies, and structures that enable all workers to work effectively cross-culturally.

In a culturally safe workplace all workers feel comfortable, supported and respected. Workers will feel they can contribute to all appropriate discussions, they will work safer and be more productive.

In the diverse environments in which we all live and work, the importance of being culturally safe at work cannot be underestimated.


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