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Easy to do
work health and safety

Tools, templates and more

Advice and resources

A library of free resources for your business. Here you can find codes of practice, safety alerts, fact sheets and guides. You can also attend a webinar or join our mentor program.

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All templates and tools

Find practical templates and tools to help improve your workplace health and safety.

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Financial help

Apply for a $500 rebate to help you install eligible safety items in your business.

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Free on-site support

Ask for a visit to your workplace for tailored advice.

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A list of useful terms is on our website.

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Licences and registrations

Apply for a licence. Register your machinery and equipment.

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Mental health at work

Mental health, just like physical health, is an important part of work health and safety. To find out how to create a mentally healthy workplace visit our Mental Health at Work website.

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Access research, data and reports, to help you improve health and safety in your business.

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SafeWork awards

Enter the annual SafeWork NSW Awards.

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Other agencies

Fair Trading NSW

Provides information to consumers and traders on their rights and responsibilities when buying and selling products and services, housing and property. They also regulate associations and co-operatives.

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NSW Small Business Commissioner

The Office of the NSW Small Business Commissioner (OSBC) advocates on behalf of small businesses in NSW, provides mediation and dispute resolution services, and speaks up for small business in government.

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Service NSW

Your single point for many government agencies, where you can apply for a licence, get a permit, register a birth, pay most fines and more.

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Regulates motor accidents CTP insurance, workers compensation insurance and the home building compensation scheme in NSW.

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