Minister for Finance & Services, Greg Pearce today announced a comprehensive advertising campaign with WorkCover NSW to highlight the importance of workplace safety and the government’s new Work Health and Safety laws.

Mr Pearce said although workplace injuries are at their lowest levels in more than two decades, each year in NSW thousands of workers are injured on the job.

“During the period 2009-10 there were 41,460 major claims reported in NSW costing the Workers Compensation System $879 million,” Mr Pearce said.

“Workplace injuries can also have financial implications on a business in terms of lost time and productivity, so it is in everyone’s interest to reduce the risk of injury,” he said.

“The campaigns focus is on meeting safety obligations in the workplace, returning to work after an injury, and encouraging businesses and workers to seek appropriate advice. 

“The ‘Here to Help’ awareness campaign is also designed to reinforce the aims of the new Work Health and Safety laws to make workplaces’ safe. 

“The campaign to be rolled out in phases throughout the year will present a timely reminder to businesses, workers and their families to learn more about how the new Work Health and Safety laws function, and how they can apply them in the workplace.

“Following the government’s new Work Health and Safety laws the advertisements also remind the wider community about how meeting workplace health and safety obligations can save lives.

“WorkCover has a range of free advisory services and guidance material as well as a dedicated claims assistance service and an award-winning Customer Information Centre.

“I urge everyone to seek advice directly from WorkCover and to take advantage of the range of services on offer,” Mr Pearce said.

You can read a PDF version of this media release.

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