If you are a director or board member

In brief, you are an officer of a corporation or entity if you:

  • are appointed as a director or officer of a corporation
  • have influence over decisions that affect the business or undertaking of the corporation or entity, including financial and administrative decisions
  • can instruct other officers or directors about the business or undertaking of the corporation or entity
  • are a liquidator of the business or undertaking
  • are a trustee of the business or undertaking.

The relevant legislation is the Work Health and Safety Act 2011 and the Corporations Act 2001.

WHS obligations of an officer

As an officer, you must ensure the business complies with its work health and safety obligations.

Our Safety starts here section has more information on what you need to do to comply and how your business can be proactive about work health and safety.

Under work health and safety laws, if you don’t take all reasonable and practical steps to fulfil your health and safety obligations, you may be liable if an incident occurs in your workplace.

Find everything you need to make your business compliant in the safety starts here section and in the easy to do WHS kit.

The legal obligations section provides comprehensive information about NSW health and safety legislation.

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