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Meeting your duties

Employers and business owners have a legal responsibility to ensure healthy and safe workplaces.

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Create your positive and inclusive workplace

The culture of workplace can be seen in the values and behaviours that workers share and demonstrate.

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Free online mental health skills training

Learn about common mental health conditions, how to boost your resilience at work, and what supports are available if you need them

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Raise awareness and educate

Education and training in the workplace to improve understanding about mental health.

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Interventions that work

To improve mental health in your workplace, it’s important to use actions that are supported by evidence.

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Worker tools and resources

To help you stay well at work and contribute to a mentally healthy workplace

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Support yourself and others

There is a lot you can do to stay mentally healthy, and to support others, including your colleagues and workers.

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Create change together

Collaboration and mentoring are powerful tools to help you create a mentally healthy workplace.

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Employers of choice

Being an employer of choice means you’ve created a great place to work, where the people want to work for you.

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Ambassador program

Our ambassador program involves leaders who are willing to share their knowledge and experience about mental health.

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