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Small business tools and resources

Some of these include...
  • financial pressures
  • high work demands and long work hours
  • maintaining business growth and long-term success
  • changes in the market
  • a lack of work-life boundaries
  • not much focus taking care of yourself (for example, sleep, exercise, meditation).

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Tools and resources

No matter what industry you're in, your people are your greatest asset. The success of your business depends on them. As a small business owner, there are simple steps you can take to support your workers' mental health so they can do their best work for you.

These tools and resources will help you get started.

Mental health resources for small business

Improve mental health in your workplace with these handy resources.

Staying well at work

Get tips on looking after your mental health and wellbeing at work.

Create your mentally healthy workplace

Learn how to make your workplace more mentally healthy.

Support workers when they need it

Support your workers to be their best every day and learn what support is available.

  • Get tips on how to have a conversation with someone you are worried about from Heads Up or R U OK?
  • Find support services in your area.
  • Share resources and eHealth tools with your team to help them stay mentally fit at work.
  • If one of your team is struggling, experiencing mental ill-health or has taken time off due to mental illness find out what you can do to support their recovery.
Other useful websites

Not knowing where to access help for your business when you need it can be a challenge for small business owners so here are some useful websites and resources to assist you.

After something more specific?

Below are more tools and resources to assist.

Managing workplace factors
  • Learn more about how good work design can help support mental health at work
  • Get tips on preventing fatigue and reduce the impact on mental health and wellbeing in your workplace from SafeWork NSW
  • Access resources to help you respond to bullying at work
  • Learn how you can prevent and respond to work-related violence from SafeWork NSW.
Legal obligations

Find out about meeting your legal obligations.

Tailored tools to support workers
  • Is one of your workers caring for someone with a serious mental or physical illness? This can have impacts on their mental health - find out how you can support them at work with resources from Carers NSW and Mental Health Carers NSW.
  • Are you concerned one of your team may be experiencing domestic violence? Find out how you can them to information and support services that can help.
  • Access services and resources to help connect workers to support if they are experiencing drug or alcohol addiction.
  • Access services and resources to support workers with problem gambling.

Learn more about the strategy and how it can help your business and workers.