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Lived experience engagement

As mental health challenges occur, they can make our lives change significantly. It can cause us to reimagine and redefine ourselves, our place in the world and our future plans. We call this lived experience.

Louise Byrne & Til Wykes*

Listening to, involving and partnering with people with lived experience of mental health recovery is critical to creating person-centred initiatives. The State Insurance Regulatory Authority (SIRA) acknowledges that this is the most effective way to understand how to best meet people’s needs, and to deliver programs that do this.

People with lived experience of mental health recovery are key to driving better  outcomes by participating, influencing and leading mental health initiatives.

The Recovery at Work reference group will work with SIRA to support genuine and innovative engagement with customers, leading to better health and wellbeing outcomes that are more cost effective and accessible.

The reference group:

  • is co-chaired by a person with lived experience of workplace mental health recovery and a person representing workplaces
  • includes people with diverse experience and a range of perspectives:
    • people with lived experience of mental health recovery at work
    • people working in and representing various industries
    • people who live in different parts of NSW
    • people of various ages, genders and cultural identities
  • takes a collaborative approach, to help define and develop a clearer picture of recovery at work and how it can be improved
  • will help develop and implement initiatives by sharing personal expertise as well as seeking feedback and support from networks

The first project the recovery @ work reference group have participated in is the development of a framework to help SIRA leverage the voice of mental health recovery in relevant initiatives. The Engaging lived experience: a strategic framework for mental health initiatives, sets out a blueprint that supports more collaborative and rigorous ways to engage with people who have real-life experience relevant to policy, program and resources under development. The framework is in the final stages of development and will be made available for viewing by August 2020.

Find out more about the members of our recovery @ work reference group.

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* Louise Byrne & Til Wykes (2020): A role for lived experience mental health leadership in the age of Covid-19, Journal of Mental Health, DOI: 10.1080/09638237.2020.1766002